This weeks goodies

A few new bits and pieces arrived this week for me to play with.

Omega Onion2+

Got a couple of these guys for my Home IOT setup.

Initial impressions are good. Easy to setup and configure.
There are some issues with hardware SPI/I2C which I was unaware of before I bought.

ESP32 Dev boards.

Ordered a couple of ESP32 Dev boards from Ebay.

Pixel stick version 2 already under construction using this board which will allow a web/mobile front end to controlling the pixels.

ASUS Tinkerboard

Local Curry's was selling this board for €50 euro. Last one in stock. As its the same form factor as an RPi3 I'll use it a Kodi box upgrade.

Rockband Midi Controller

Got this for €4 from my local CEX. Not a bad little 25 key full MIDI controller. I'm going to hook it up the Arduino Granular synth I built.

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